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Old School F8less

Starting at the young age of 12, F8less was introduced into the Chicagoland underground party scene. From that point forward, electronic music went from being a choice to a necessity. Diving in head first, he fell in love with Chicago House music. Shortly thereafter, he went from being a participant to a activist in the underground Chicago party scene, throwing parties and spinning. Originally dabbling in House music, evolution in taste lead into Jungle and Drum N' Bass. Favorites of the time being Casper, Snuggles & 3D, Andy C, Danny The Wildchild, etc. The dirtier the better. While music taste evolved, House always and forever remained a favorite. Be it sentimental, or just plain instinctual.

In the late mid-90's; due to hype and the media coining the term "rave"; the scene slowly began to degrade. The scene went from being about the music to making money. It was at this time, F8less stepped out of the scene to pursue different avenues that life had to offer, while still following the music for the next couple years. It wasn't until 2002, after paths recrossed with Jeekoos of PartTime Suckers (PTS), that he started to reemerge back into the Jungle/Drum N' Bass scene. Slowly Jeekoos became immersed in Dubstep, and F8less along with him. In 2007, he acquired another set of turntables and started to spin again. Starting out spinning old vinyl House favorites and slowly moving over to spinning time coded digital during early 2008. F8less then made his first public appearance on July 3rd, 2008 spinning Dubstep at Cafe Lura, opening up for Cringer and Jeekoos.

Playing the occasional private party, F8less went on to make his first public radio appearance on PartTime Sucker Radio, on 89.3FM WNUR on May 21, 2009.


Since his first public appearance, F8less has gone on to do large numbers of radio (WNUR 89.3FM) and internet broadcast (Dubstep.fm) shows, along with numerous public and private events at places such as Congress Theater, LAVA, Smartbar, Cafe Lura and Rodan.

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